Training Tip: Everything in Moderation, Except Bacon

Some people love this saying, other people hate it.  I don’t feel strongly either way, but I do believe in it.  To me it’s one of the most attractive benefits of triathlons and training for them.  Everything in moderation has become my mantra.

You have read the articles, eat a 500 calorie slice of cake and then go run it off, but that’s not what this is really about (in fact there are studies that show that doesn’t work).  Its about maintaining a general balance of healthy foods, a workout regimen that isn’t repetitive and then allowing yourself to have cheat days to enjoy life every now and again.  It’s about mixing up exercises to keep from getting bored, confusing your muscles to increase gains and reducing repetitive stress/strain injuries.  Everything in moderation is my mantra.

I prefer running over biking and swimming, but the benefits of all three together definitely outweigh the benefit of one alone.  Swimming is low impact and works your upper body and core.  Cycling works your legs differently than running and gets you away from the same boring scenery.  Running is an incredible cardio workout and allows you to get the most “bang for your buck” in the shortest time.  Each of these exercises has their own benefits, but also has direct impact on each other as well.  I have noticed a marked improvement in my cycling and running since I started swimming.  It’s a beautiful love triangle that soothes your body and soul.  Add yoga and strength training to the mix and you are well on your way to becoming fit all around and limiting injury.  For me I don’t run into those plateaus where I don’t feel like I am progressing.  One week I might achieve a new strength goal or I might break a previous distance or time record.  I’m not shattering goals in everything I do, but I am making progress in one way or another and that’s what keeps me motivated.   Everything in moderation is my mantra.

Eating healthy during the work week and allowing myself a few “treats” on the weekend has kept me on a path to achieve my weight/fat loss goals, but it also allows me to enjoy a beer and cheese steak every now and again.  Studies show that cheating on your diet periodically can actually jump start your metabolism and increase weight loss instead of sticking with low-carbs all the time.  I have definitely found healthy meals that I really enjoy during my journey towards welness (sushi is a personal favorite), but a good burger and fries are in order sometimes.  Like Pavlov’s dogs I am motivated by rewards so hanging a greasy meal out in front of myself every once in a while keeps me happy and doesn’t set me far off course.  Everything in moderation is my mantra.

So you should NOT eat bacon in excess, that is the joke, but you should definitely enjoy it every once in a while, just keep it in moderation! 🙂

Author: Ace

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