Training Tip: How to lace your running shoes

I posted an infographic the other day about choosing the right running shoe.  The graphic contained some images of different lacing techniques which can help address common running / fit issues with your shoes.  I have been into running for years and I have been fortunate in that I haven’t had any significant injuries and my feet are probably the least of my concerns, so the concept of lacing my shoes differently never occurred to me.

That being said I decided to go out and do some reading on the subject as I intend to push myself harder this year than I have in years past so who knows what challenges I might run into.  There isn’t a ton of information on the subject out there, but the Color Run Blog has a pretty good article on the subject.  Here are the images they have for addressing 5 common issues.  Go to their “Running Shoe Lacing Techniques” post for more information.

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Here is another image I found with more information from The Athlete’s Foot.








Here are two others I found on Pinterest.

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